When my Father died three years ago, on Father’s Day weekend, it was the toughest thing I have ever had to live thru.  I wasn’t close to my dad in the proverbial sense of the word. It wasn’t till much later in our lives, that we came to some mutual understandings of what we had both lived thru at the hands of my Mother.  He wasn’t the best Father…but he was mine.  What was funny, was, he was one hell of a man.  He couldn’t pass someone in need.  If you were broke on the side of the road, he would stop, all the way up till the day he died.  If you had a house repair, he was right there to help.  Not just family, the little ole lady next door, to volunteering with the Coast Guard to search for lost people.  He never said a bad thing about anyone…ever.  Maybe except for me.  But that isn’t about that.

At his funeral, in May, when the snowbirds are gone, so most of his friends.  There was almost no standing room in the church.  People came to pay respects to a man who had helped so many.

The day I had to deliver his Eulogy, was hard for me.  I am not a person to embelish on anything.  The qualities of person or horse.  Not even in that circumstances.  I wanted to speak of how great a man he was, and what a great Dad he was….

As I looked out over a crowd of people I didn’t know, what I had written, was perfect. For before me was the example.  The worth of a person, is not in the belongings they own when they die.  It is not in the worth of the bank account they leave behind.  But it is the worth of who you were, and the memories you leave behind.

Worth as a human being is in how you treat others.  If you respect others.  If  you treat others with fairness, and kindness.  Today, think not of how someone can help you, but take a moment, and be kind to someone who needs a moment of kindness.  Take a moment to help an old woman cross a road.  Take a moment to thank someone in your life, who maybe has really sacrificed for you.  Take a moment to care…take a moment, to make someone smile….and add to the bank of worth.

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